Nutrition Information

Nutritional information provided on this site is based on Quest Food Management Service’s standardized recipes, representative values provided by suppliers, analysis using industry standard software, published resources, and are expressed in values based on federal regulations. A number of factors may affect the actual nutrition values for each product, such as variations in serving sizes, preparation techniques, ingredient substitutions, and regional and seasonal differences.

Due to these factors, Quest cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the nutritional information provided on this site. If you have concerns about nutritional or product information, due to a dietary need, please contact the Quest Food Service Manager at your location.

Kitchen Allergen Statement

We are happy to accommodate guests with food allergies, but our kitchens are not free of most allergens.

Our kitchens are allergen aware. They are not allergen free.

If you have food allergies, please speak with a Food Service Manager to find out how we can safely serve you.

USDA School Breakfast & Lunch Programs

The nutritional information for the items above does not apply to Quest accounts operating under the USDA Federal School Breakfast and Lunch programs. Nutritional information for foods and beverages served at National School Breakfast and Lunch program schools is readily available at each school. Please contact the Food Service Manager at your school to request this information.

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